Monday, August 10, 2015 features iLLASPARKZ with Chrissy Monroe from LHHNY



August is here and it’s the last month of Summer which means that Fall is knocking at our doors. Even though Fall is right around the corner we may not be ready to say goodbye to Summer, but we will still have to start our transition into it!

Fitting this month’s transitional theme the beautiful Chrissy Monroe from Love and Hip Hop NY opens up to us about her past and how she is transitioning into a new stage in her life. Chrissy is featured on this month's cover wearing a denim top and skirt by ASOS paired with accessories from iLLASPARKZ.

Denim! We know how hard it is for us curvy girls to find a good pair of denim jeans so we are providing the resources to narrow down the best choices for you. Our Fashion Editors will also be giving you their hottest Fall fashion picks that will work no matter where you are. They will be giving you a sneak peek at the trendiest fashions all the Manik hauties will be rocking this Fall.

The month would not be complete without bringing you something hot and new from Manik Music. This month Manik Music will be starting a Female MC Interview series featuring a number of top female MCs from the past, present, and future!


Brandee Joyner
Executive Editor

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