Monday, October 27, 2014

How I store my Jewelry....

The obsession with Jewelry started with me having two Jewelry boxes. Quickly, they both became so cluttered and overflowed with Jewelry that I had to come up with a solution, and fast. 

I wanted to share with you how I store my Jewelry......  One day I was in Staples, restocking on home office supplies and came upon the Command Hooks. Instantly, my imagination flew away....... 

These mini hooks are pretty inexpensive too because you get like 20 in a pack for about $3.00 or $4.00.  You can find them at most department stores. The great thing is that I can remove them without ruining my walls.

I started with a few packs and created this..... 

Earrings and Necklaces 

I use old spray bottles for the bracelets

...but I just saw this idea that I will adopt too....

Now go shop iLLASPARKZ and store your Jewelry in a creative and fun way!!

Monday, October 20, 2014 - THIS HAPPENED....

Sassy (@the_real_sassygotachoppa) from the VH1 Reality Show Black Ink Crew has been officially iLLASPARKZ'd!!

I meet up with her Stylist Sigourney (@stylegxd) whom was the sweetest little thing! I watched her carefully and lovingly select pieces for her client; making sure that the weight, size and color was perfect for her look but mostly her personality.

Sigourney created this look for Sassy's Pre-Birthday Celebration..... All I could say was WOW! Such a great eye for Fashion and Style and I lovvvvved the way that she combined the intricate pieces.

Lets start from the top:

The Necklace that Sassy is wearing is called "Dixie", a Gold Choker Style Necklace.
The Gold Bangles are called "Tereena", Stackable Bangles.
That Bold Ass Ring is "Angel Wings", a Gold Cuff Ring with Angel Wings.... which is an Exclusive Piece!

Create this look and many more..... Shop iLLASPARKZ

Monday, October 13, 2014

iLLASPARKZ has Launched a new site.... Check it out!

The new site has launched and I figured that it would only be right to tell you the iLLASPARKZ story.....

I, Kat Sparkman, a NYC native, have always had an eye for Jewelry and Accessories! For years I have gotten many compliments on my Jewelry finds...... My personal Jewelry Collection quickly turned into an obsession...... so, in 2009 I founded iLLASPARKZ, formally known as iLLASPARKS (ending with an "S") - iLLASPARKZ is all about expressing your individual style and personality! I love to travel and personally shop at numerous places all over the world collecting intricate pieces of Fashion Jewelry to create an impressionable Collection that will capture looks from across the room, as well as across the world. I have taken many steps and surpassed numerous levels promoting my Jewelry Collection.

There is no shame or limits in the pursuit to share iLLASPARKZ with the world. I have hopped from Hair/Nail Salons in all NYC boroughs, set up tables in Harlem, Soho, Midtown, Brooklyn, Queens.... I make home visits for VIP clients, lunch hour gatherings at clients jobs, hosts/co-hosts Jewelry Parties and have participated in numerous Events throughout NYC, CT, DC areas. I pass out Business and/or Comp cards on a daily basis to many woman wearing Jewelry or Accessories, no one is exempt! ..... they call me 'The Jewelry Lady' in the streets.

iLLASPARKZ pieces has touched many hands..... Rapper, Remy Ma; Comedian, Paul Mooney (Male Collection available by Special Order ONLY); Actress, Kali Hawk; Actress, Tami Roman; Actress, Tara Wallace; Writer/Designer Shanda Freeman for her book cover, Full Figure Fashion Week and Rainbow Fashion Week line presentation; Magazine, ManikMag; Magazine, Allezom just to name a few; in addition to numerous bloggers, pr's, models, stylist pulls for their shoots, artists and many iLLASPARKZ fans.

I encourage all to take the time out and do a little window shopping (which always turns into shopping).... enjoy the Collection and tell a friend!!

iLLASPARKZ is not for everyone..... the Bold, Daring, Fashion Forward, Sexy Woman that is not afraid to make her OWN statement!!!