Friday, April 24, 2015


Yes, there were artist that performed at Coachella this past weekend.
Yes, there were tons of celebrities.
Yes , it’s one of the biggest and most popular festivals that every hippie, free loving spirit, and thrill seeking individual desires to attend.
And yes it caused a social media frenzy this year with all of the posts of people spreading love, happiness, and enjoying art.
But the biggest focal point that made Coachella a hit were the accessories. This is one event that no red carpet propaganda of who’s-who product placement was needed to promote an already emphasis fashion designer. This was all about statement accessory pieces many Coachella-goers were minimal simple clothing and accessories with unique bold necklaces, bangles galore, body chains and not to mentioned the new mid-finger rings.
This was a technical process of layering necklaces, combining textures of wrist wear, mixing and matching metallic golds and silver. Who Knew accessorizing was such a process well here at iLLASPARKZ we simplified the process for a customers and here are some easy ways to achieve some of the same iLLASPARKZ inspired looks that were worn at Coachella. 

Obtain this simple hip look with layering that’s already done for you with “The Virgin” is detailed colorful and classy.

My fav look had to be Kendall Jenner…her bold statement piece can be achieved with our “Nefi” necklace. Kylie Jenner’s simple but bold statement necklace is “Fenty” inspired.


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